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When war breaks out between oilmen and cattle ranchers, Gene sides with the ranchers until he learns that oil will bring a railroad to town.

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original title: Git Along Little Dogies

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Music,Romance,Western



duration: 1h 7min

tags: THE SCREEN'S NEW SINGING COWBOY STAR! (original window card-all caps)


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Gene Autry (Gene Autry) opposes the drilling of a nearby oil well, fearing it will endanger the cattle's drinking water. Doris Maxwell (Judith Allen), daughter of the town banker, is his greatest opponent, and she is waging a stock-selling campaign over her radio station, seeking backing for the oil-drilling promotion. Her father , (Mr. Maxwell (William Farnum), has invested the bank's funds in the oil company. However, she and Gene become friends when he prevents a holdup of the oil company payroll. George Wilkins (Weldon Heyburn), in charge of production at the well, engineered the holdup as he knows that unless the well comes in, the company will lose the lease and he can secure it for himself. Gene and Doris return to town and arrive at the bank just as her father shoots himself. Gene, covering up the fact the Maxwell has misappropriated the bank's funds, makes it appear he was shot in a bank robbery. Learning that the railroad will run a branch line into the valley is oil is found, Gene withdraws his opposition to the project, and convinces the ranchers of the value of a railhead , and sells many shares of stock. Wilkins spreads word that the well is dry and that Gene has taken advantage of the ranchers. Gene escapes from a posse and leads then to the drilling site where Wilkins and his henchmen have persuaded the workers to stop drilling. Just as Gene is ready to blow in the well with dynamite, Wilkins arrives with the posse, which is convinced that Gene shot Maxwell and stole the bank's money. Doris proves otherwise and Wilkins attempts a get-away. Maxwell is trying to bring in an oil well and Wilkens is out to stop him. When his attempted robbery of Maxwell's payroll fails, he tells the ranchers who invested on Autry's advise that the well is dry. But Gene knows there is oil there and with everyone after him he heads for the well to try and bring it in with dynamite. Even if you're a big Gene Autry fan, I think you'd have to call into question his behavior in this picture. He shoots the tire of a car driven by Doris Maxwell (Judith Allen), smashes another car window with a rock over a disagreement with the driver, and later lies about Banker Maxwell's suicide so it doesn't tarnish the man's reputation. Not to mention walking Champion into a restaurant to avoid his saddle being taken again. You could argue that in each of these events Gene was provoked in one way or another, but his response didn't exactly conform to that of your typical Western hero. I'm just saying.

And if he were a politician, he would have been accused of flip-flopping on the oil well issue his neighboring ranchers were fully against because of it's tainting of the water supply. Gene figured the economic benefit of a railroad branch proposed for Canyon City would have trumped the problem of poisoned water. I don't think the writers really thought through their story plot with this one, because it really leaves Gene's character in a bad light.

But somehow he manages to come through the picture a hero, even hooking up with his antagonistic leading lady by the time it's all over. Along the way, sidekick Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette) works a butterfly net gimmick in addition to his usual musical chores. There's an impromptu performance at Sing Low's (Willie Fung) restaurant with the Maple City Four on makeshift instruments, and a karaoke style sing along later on in the story. That was something I haven't seen before in an old Western, as the words of some common old standards flashed on the screen for the viewer to follow.

Keep an eye on an early scene when Doris Maxwell makes her first appearance by driving through the stream and splashing water all over Gene. While speaking to Smiley, Gene appears to be wet but relatively clean. However after he chases and catches up to Doris when she veers off the road, Gene's clothes and face are splashed with mud. Stuff like this is pretty common in these era flicks, and it's one of the fun things about being an old time movie fan. I love the Maple City Four and their jug band number. Amazing how rhythms can captivate regardless how primitive the instruments. Gene's out to keep an oil well out of the hands of selfish no-goodnik George Wilkins. But first he's got to convince the townfolk that he's not the one trying to cheat them. Catch how that new-fangled gizmo, radio, is worked into the plot. Seems like the broadcasting studio can be anywhere. No formalities here. And what a personality Judy Allen is, with a smile to light up a whole room. Good thing she and Gene finally bury the hatchet. But does Frog finally net the butterfly. He's been after it for an hour. A couple of good touches. Note how baddie George keeps his black eye for several consecutive scenes. Most oaters would not bother with such detail. Also, the oil rig collapse looks like the real thing, and without stock footage or miniatures. So did they actually build one for the movie